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Affiliation Puts You on A Global Map – Rotimi Bankole Managing Director/ CEO SBI Media

Rotimi Bankole, Managing Director/ CEO at SBI Media in this exclusive chat with MarketingWorld believes that transparency with clients will go a long way to grow any agency. The diehard optimist shares his views on affiliation, competitive terrain and expansion. He says clients want more for less… Excerpts

What is your vision at SBI Media?

Our vision is to become of the biggest advertising agency in Nigeria in no time, between now and five years by the power of God.

It took us between 2012 and 2015 to grow in leaps and bounds. We have handled big accounts and in terms of the size of the accounts, we can conveniently say that we are among the top 7 in Nigeria at the most. This will continue with the hard work, bravery and dedication, we are putting through team wise.

What are those unique things that you think have attracted the clients to your side?

Well, we are very new, but very transparent. We understand the competitive environment which we find ourselves. We know that our clients are also exposed. They are much more inclined, there are no longer novices.

We know that the clients want more for less. So we open into this transparency and we tell the clients that we want to grow their businesses. We want to see ourselves as their partners. So we see it through line by line and we grow the businesses and give them more values and returns on investment.

What are the challenges you are facing right now?

So far so good, for me it’s more of a welcomed challenge. It is not an easy ride; we didn’t expect that it’s going to be easy. But however, for every challenges that we have faced and the ones we have overcome, it has given us the strength and has formed the culture and attitude we need to continue. Where we are right now is what has built our character.

The industry terrain is tough now; we have the big players and the small players. But for me, there is nothing impossible, what the big players can do, we can also achieve it too. And in terms of the technology, in terms of the man power, in terms of the size, in terms of capacity, we are ready, we have everything, we have invested heavily on that.

If clients will start signing contracts with the new breed agencies, the business landscape will see more growth.

What are your views on affiliation with agencies in the developed climes and do you have plans to do such in the nearest future?

There is no doubt that affiliation expands business. Affiliation puts you on a global map. Affiliation sets you in terms of the prestige, the size, and capacity. It also helps increase your portfolio and fattens up your billings.

We are affiliated to Equation Media, one of the biggest media agency in Dubai. However, we are working towards also having a big relationship and strategic affiliation with some of the biggest media agencies in the world.

I will not like to share that now, but once we get an acceptance, we will be very okay to come out boldly.

It is noticed that the company is made of young talents, what influenced this?

Youthfulness helps with speed. Now don’t see us as young, see us as having combination of people who have worked on various brands, maybe for over 100 years.I have been in the advertising industry for more than 7-10years, we have people who have also been in the field for more than 10years, so accumulatively If you add it altogether, we have over 100 years handling brands in different sectors. So we are not just young, we are thorough, we are dogged and we are brief.

How would you describe yourself?

I am a God fearing man, I feel honesty is the best policy in life, I believe in hard work, as much as I expect miracles to happen. I believe that it’s a combination of both that makes you to be successful. So I strive to be successful, but not rich.

How do you spend your leisure time?

I play music.

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  • Great words. I think I like him. I wish SBI Media the best. 🙂