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The Journey To The Peak

For generations it has not been hard for consumers to fall in love with the Peak brand. Like the name suggests, the brand resonates with everything that is at the peak of its being. It is a brand that has always been there for its numerous customers…

Say Peak, and nothing comes to the minds of millions of Nigerians other than the ubiquitous Peak milk. Like every brand that has stamped its name on a million hearts, like every brand that has become a song, like every brand that has refused to leave the shelves of our dear homes, Peak has become such a brand.

The Peak logo is a symbol of success; it shows the premium nature of the brand. The big, beautiful and bold font shows an active personality that can be depended upon. Other brand elements are the blue sky which stands for symbol of hope, the palm tree which stands for symbol of nutrition and growth, while the mountain stands for symbol of performance, the sea which stands for naturally, and full of activity, the canoe stands for traditional element and strength, the steamboat which stands for international touch. The brand has indeed carved a niche in the Nigerian market because of its acceptance across the country.

The journey to its greatness did not start yesterday. This brand started its journey of registering in the mind of consumers when it was introduced in 1945 through importation of roving traders. The key stock keeping unit was 170g evaporated milk and no known ATL or BTL support was done until the late 1980s. The classical advertising support started in the late 1980s which was necessitated by new market recruit and a campaign was developed with a creative theme ‘’Peak is the one’’. The earlier brand description was linked by a brand icon; the palm tree milk.

In the 1990s the product rejuvenated its brand modernization, brand name and icons which were rendered more famous and was enriched to be creamier and tastier. Campaigns were launched with the theme titled ‘’Peak of the Pack’’ and ‘’Milk at its Peak’’. In 1996 its powdered milk were repositioned as the market recruit of its major competitor [Cowbell in 1994]. Peak powder market share were diminishing as a result of available economy pack sizes and the response was the introduction of ‘’economy’’ 400g sachet pack cheaper than tin variant and was supported with a new campaign and a new theme song titled ‘’Peak from generation to generation’’. It was at this period that Peak became the official Milk of the Super Eagles.

In 2000 the product range was launched with first mover in vitamins and minerals claims with these re-launch, launched 28 vitamins and minerals across all product range in evaporated and powder also introduced 28 vitamins and minerals burst on packaging, new powder communication and a new theme song re-orchestrated.

In the last ten years Peak milk portfolios expansion included the launching of Peak Choco in 2008 offering milk and chocolate in a single serve sachet, launching of evaporated milk in single serve sachet (30g) to make evaporated milk more accessible to the lower SECs, launching peak 850g to drive value for the bigger packs with consumers, launching of evaporated peak evaporated for easy delivery and the traditional tin that requires an external force to open and launching of peak wazobia (55g) to deliver more value to the consumers at N50 for a larger size of milk per sachet.

From the introduction of Peak milk till the present time, the brand is still associated with high and consistent product and quality with the descriptor rich and creamy, aspirational across socio- economic groups. It became the first mover in product fortification when it was enriched with 28 vitamins and minerals and extra fortified (+plus) and was endorsed by the Nutrition Society of Nigeria. Peak has won so many awards in marketing communication. For instance the brand won the Iconic Brand of the Year at last year MarketingWorld Awards 2016 among others.

The colourful design coupled with the tinplate packaging format which has been tested and proven good are easily noticed. Tinplate is of a natural, 100% recyclable & ecological and ‘’Cost effective’’ material, It is a safe material, Impermeable from light and oxygen and any other outside interference. Tinplate cans preserve the nutrient values from food without the need for preservatives. Tinplate packing is unbreakable and durable making it ideal for the safe transportation of any product. One can easily print on Tinplate with excellent printed results and it is ideal for rapid mass production.

Peak like every other brand has its vision. Peak milk vision is to continually provide the best diary nutrition to consumers in order to fully exploit their potential at every stage of their life. It is a vision that has served many generations and indeed many consumers.

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